Where is the surgery performed?

Northeast Georgia Medical Center, in Gainesville, Georgia.

How long will I be hospitalized?

1 to 2 days is the usual postoperative hospital stay.

Will I walk with crutches/walker after surgery?

Not usual unless you have a piriformis release surgery along with the SI surgery.

How will I know if I need a fixation or a fusion of the SI joint?

This will be determined by your physical evaluation, diagnostic tests and history.

How will I know if I need a piriformis release surgery as well as the SI surgery?

You will get a special EMG study (test) by a neurologist before surgery.

Will my insurance pay for the surgery?

The surgical procedure is covered by most major insurance companies, medicare and workers comp.

How long will I be out of work?

It depends on the physical demands of your job. The typical length of time away from work is 6 weeks.

Will I need physical therapy after the surgery?

Yes, patients typically start a post-op exercise program 3 weeks after surgery. If you are out of our area we ask you to see your local physical therapist and provide you with a post-op exercise protocol to follow.

Will I have limited mobility after the surgery?

You will have no long term loss of mobility or stiffness.

What are my lifestyle limitations after surgery?

We recommed you do not participate in the following: bungee jumping, parachute jumping, rock climbing, step aerobics, stairmaster, chiropractic manipulation of the lumbar spine, heavy lifting (more than 50lbs).